In a world dominated by traditional banking, Carbon is a digital bank that is changing the way we manage our finances. To showcase its cost benefits and exceptional user experience, we conducted a 30-day experiment comparing Carbon with five traditional banks (GTBank, Access Bank, Zenith Bank, UBA, and First Bank). The results were eye-opening, highlighting the advantages of owning a Carbon account. Join us as we delve into the details of this exciting experiment and discover the power of Carbon banking.

The Experiment Parameters

On June 1st, all accounts, including Carbon were funded with an opening balance of ₦100,000. On the following day, June 2nd, each account was tasked with specific transactions:

  • Funds Transfer: Participants were instructed to transfer ₦2,000 to 20 recipients, totalling ₦40,000.
  • Airtime Top-up: A ₦9,000 airtime top-up was performed across all accounts.
  • Data Top-up: Participants were required to top up ₦6,000 worth of data.

Charges and Fees during the transactions

User Experience Insights:

Here are some noteworthy observations made by the participants while performing transactions on June 2nd:

  • Zenith Bank users encountered a peculiar issue while purchasing a ₦1,000 data. The first attempt failed with a "Service Unavailable" response, and on the second trial, she got debited twice, resulting in a duplicate data purchase. 
  • Another user pointed out that the onboarding process for UBA was quite challenging, as he had to visit two branches before successfully onboarding onto the app. 


At the end of the 30-day period, the following balances post the experiment emerged:

The 30-day experiment highlighted the costs and benefits of owning a bank account. While cost advantages and account balances are essential factors to consider, the user experience plays a significant role in determining overall customer satisfaction. In contrast, Carbon stood out as the frontrunner regarding user experience. Amidst these observations are:

  • Monthly interest payouts on the first day of a new month.
  • Zero fees on all transactions. 
  • 30 free transfers
  • Free airtime/data top-up services

Our commitment to providing a seamless and efficient banking experience sets us apart, making it a preferred choice among users.