Debit cards are the past, Carbon cards are the future

We say this because our cards are more than just debit cards. Earn cashback and rewards while you spend, access exclusive discounts and spread your payments into 4 installments at 0% interest. Get a Carbon card #PinkPassport today and experience a new level of financial control.

Get rewarded for your everyday spending

Experience the joy of earning while you spend. Earn 1% cashback on every debit card purchase you make.

Shop now, pay later at 0% interest

Enjoy the perks of spreading payments, use your Carbon debit card to pay for items and spread in equal installments at your favourite stores. No hidden fees.

Discounts and Rewards

Our partnership with Visa also gives you access to up to 10% in discounts from featured merchants.

Pink Passport Benefits

Access exclusive Carbon hangouts, exciting social media give-aways and amazing discounts on partner products and services for Pink Passport holders. Follow our social media pages to enjoy more rewards.

Delivered to your doorstep, no waiting in queues

Request your debit card from the Cards section on the app and we’ll send it straight to you.

A card you can trust

Our debit card transactions are secured by Visa global and Network International. The Pink Passport is accepted by PoS and ATM machines across Nigeria.

Your card, your safety rules

Your app and your debit card are the perfect duo, working in sync with each other. From card freezes to setting spend limits, you’re completely in charge.

Pay anywhere locally

Make payments online and in-store with your Pink Passport.

Change the way you spend