Just Zero it!

Carbon Zero, our buy now pay later product lets you buy what you want today and pay the rest later, which gives you more time to stretch your funds a little longer to pay for the things you love.

Change the way you pay

From the things you love to the things you need, spread your payments into four installments at 0% interest to enjoy convenience.

It’s interest free!

We charge you 0% interest for paying in four, and you only have to pay a one-time processing fee of 5%.

Choose when and how you flex 

Pay in 4 over 6 weeks or 4 over 3 months whenever you like.
Pay through your Carbon debit card #PinkPassport  or through direct transfers.

Keep track of your purchases

Manage your Carbon Zero transactions alongside the rest of your account so your money is in one place.

What you need to know before you get started

You’ll be reminded of your payment dates to ensure that your Carbon account is funded.

If you miss a payment, you won’t pay any late fees, but we will give you a period of time to make up for this payment.

If you haven’t caught up with the period of time we’ve given you, we will move you to a loan plan where you will pay xyz interest and you won’t be able to switch back to Carbon Zero.

If we still can’t take your payment, this might negatively impact your credit score and make it harder for you to access credit in the future with Carbon.

You will always have the option to pay earlier.

If you’re ever worried about making a payment please talk to us, we will do what we can to help.

Want to know more about Carbon Zero?