Grow your savings with Carbon

Save smart and earn more with a Carbon savings plan. We offer up to 15.5% interest on your savings.

Save for the things that matter 

Whatever your saving habits or goals are, we have a plan that’s right for you.


High yield savings 

You save the money, we grow it! Earn up to 15% interest on your savings on your ‘Cash Vault’ savings with a minimum of ₦50,000. 

Automate your savings

Make saving a habit by putting money aside automatically at your chosen time of the month.

You’re safe, always

Opening a bank account and saving with Carbon is the start of a relationship with one of the most secure digital banks insured by NDIC and certified by CBN.

Cash Vault

Lock away bulk sums for capital projects from as low as ₦50,000 and earn 15.5% interest at maturity.


Invest towards your long or short term goals. Save a particular amount on a daily or weekly basis. Start as low as ₦100 to earn up to 9.5% interest at maturity.


Have some spare cash? No amount is too small to save. Save it here and keep adding to it as you get more. Earn up to 9% interest.

Change the way you save