Frequently Asked Questions

What is Carbon?

Carbon is a credit-led digital bank offering modern banking services to ambitious, youthful, unrelenting Africans looking for value and control over their finances.

Is Carbon a registered bank?

Yes, Carbon is a Microfinance Bank licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) with deposits insured by the Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC). Our registration number is RC 1642222.

Do you have a physical office?

We have an office at 642C Adeyemo Alakija Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

What makes Carbon different from other digital banks?

We provide a better ecosystem of services, including outstanding customer support, the best pricing on banking transactions, the highest savings interest rates, and attractive credit rates.

Here are four reasons why Carbon should be your bank of choice:
1% interest on Carbon Accounts
• Cash-back on all debit card spend
• Debit card rebates on select purchases
• ‘Pay in four’ installments with Carbon Zero on your card

What do I need to open a Carbon account?

To open a Carbon account, you must be at least 18 years old, have a valid mobile number, a functioning email address, a valid ID, and BVN.

Why request my BVN?

We need this to confirm you are the one registering on Carbon and not someone else. That's why you need to register with your correct name, date of birth, and phone number as you have it on your BVN.

Are my funds safe with Carbon?

The CBN has fully licensed Carbon as a microfinance bank, and we can confirm with authority that it complies with all capitalization and ratio requirements. We can assure you and all our customers that we do not just have the CBN license, we are also covered by NDIC. Our customers' deposits are insured and covered.

How can I get my bank statement?

To access your Carbon statement on the Carbon app, follow these steps:
• Log in to your carbon account
• On the home page, select Transactions
• At the bottom right of your transaction page, select "Get statement"
• Input the start date and end date, then click "Proceed"
• Your statement of account will be sent to your registered email on Carbon.

To access your Carbon statement on the Carbon app using your IOS device, please follow these steps:
• Log in to your Carbon account,
• Click on the Account tab,
• Select request Statement,
• Input start date and end date,
• Then click on get statement, you will see a successful prompt.

Unable to sign in, BVN registered to another user.

This indicates that you have previously registered a Carbon account from our app or from the web application. Kindly sign in (not register) in the app and ensure that all the details provided now are the same as those provided previously. Information such as your date of birth and phone number must be the same to access your account. If the problem persists, kindly send a screenshot of the details entered (phone number and date of birth) for verification here.

Can I use a USSD code?

You can access Carbon without the internet using the code: *1303# to fund your Carbon account, buy airtime, or send money.

• For airtime to self - *1303*Amount#
• For airtime to others - *1303*Amount*Phone No#
• To transfer to Carbon Wallet - *1303*3*Amount*Phone No#
• To transfer to Bank Account - *1303*4*Amount*Acct No#

What is my maximum account limit?

Your account limit is determined by your KYC level. See details below:

Level 1:
Single transfer limit -0Daily transfer limit- 0Wallet limit - 0

Level 2:
Single transfer limit -₦50,000Daily transfer limit- ₦300,000Wallet limit - ₦500,000

Level 3:
Single transfer limit -₦1,000,000Daily transfer limit- ₦5,000,000Wallet limit-  ₦999,999,999.99

How will you add money to my Carbon account?

You can fund your Carbon account via the Carbon app for transactions by:
1) Go to the Carbon app home page, click ‘Add money’.
2) Enter the amount you want to fund your Carbon account with.
3) Select USSD or add money with a DEBIT CARD for the top-up. If you are yet to set up a card on Carbon, you will be asked to do so at this point.
4) Once top-up is successfully completed, the funds will reflect in your Carbon account.

Also, you can fund your Carbon account directly via bank transfer using your bank's mobile app or USSD to your Carbon account.Bank Name; Carbon or One FinanceAccount Number; Your Carbon account number

Why am i being charged ₦50 for Stamp Duty?

In line with the federal government directives, a stamp duty of ₦50 will be charged for every account top up of ₦10,000 and above. This is based on the Finance Act which requires all financial institutions to charge the sum of ₦50 on all debit card deposits and online transfers of ₦10,000 or more on your Carbon account.

What should I do if I need more help?

Please contact us by raising a support ticket from the app by clicking the ? icon on the homepage of your mobile app or you can reach out to us via the support option on the app by following these steps;• Select "Account" at the footer on the home page,• Choose "Support" and select "Contact customer support".

You can send a message to us via this link: to enable us to assist in rectifying the issue.

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